President’s Columns

A collection of columns as they appear in AOA News

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  1. HI Pete…

    I imagine that you have plenty of “ammo” for your columns, but I would like to suggest that you write about one of the most significant changes to occur between optometry and ophthalmology in decades. That change is the acceptance by ophthalmology of optometric vision therapy. Since the publication of several clinical trials on the treatment of convergence insufficiency and other binocular vision problems, I have had patients come to me who were treated for CI by our OMD colleagues! This is absolutely amazing and the AOA should publicly applaud our OMD colleagues for their willingness to use optometric vision therapy as a part of their practice. Go to
    http://archopht.ama-assn.org/cgi/content/full/126/10/1336 to read a copy of the latest clinical trial.

    Thanks Pete for all you do!

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