Immediate Past President

June 27, 2009

Just a quick note to thank everyone for allowing me to serve as the 87th President of the American Optometric Association this past year.

Today, I have handed over the reigns of the AOA to my good friend and colleague, Dr. Randy Brooks from New Jersey. Randy will do a tremendous job for all of us this next year.

I especially want to thank my optometric family from Illinois. Their support throughout the years has been unwavering and I couldn’t have done it without them.

Thanks again for a great year. Once I get back to Illinois I’ll catch up with this blog and continue it for another year while I serve on the AOA board to give everyone another vehicle to communicate with an AOA board member.



  1. Pete…you are an incredible leader who has made a significant difference in the lives of optometrists across the USA. Thank you for your dedication…your hard work, and your never tiring devotion to the profession.

  2. Dr. Kehoe, Thank you for your service this year. As just an affiliate VP and Pres-Elect, I appreciated your responsiveness and support.

  3. Dr. Kehoe, Thank you for your service, particularly this past year. I appreciate the responsiveness you have shown to the state affiliates. I know that you will continue to serve optometry as you move into the role as PP and beyond. Dave

  4. Thank you Dominick – we have an incredible profession that touches the lives of more than a quarter million patients everyday.

    Optometry Rocks!


  5. David,
    You are not JUST an affiliate VP and Pres-Elect, you helped shape our profession’s future.

    Thank you for your kind comments.

  6. Pete,

    Over the weekend I did a bicycle ride from Seattle to Portland. On the ride I was thinking about our Bighorn run and that I had not talked to you or Pat Cummings for a while. I thought: I need to call when I get back to Billings; then when I got back I got the terrible news about the plane crash.

    We have lost a great friend and leader of optometry.

    I will be at the service in Sheridan.


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