Congratulations Class of 2009

May 23, 2009

Last weekend I had the honor of delivering the commencement address to the ICO Class of 2009. What an awesome experience and one that 25 years earlier at my graduation – was not a thought in my mind.

This years graduating class is the best educated in our profession and they can be proud of their education and training. Patients for years ahead will benefit from the care provided by these great doctors.

I delivered 5 points to them for consideration:
First and foremost, be an independent doctor of Optometry no matter what setting you choose to practice.
Second: Use the power of your exam room by becoming a doctor driven dispenser and educating your patients about a lifetime of healthy vision at EVERY opportunity. #3 Get involved in your local society
#4: join your state and national associations whatever mode of practice you choose. This is where the deep roots of optometry are planted.
And fifth and last…include your personal and extended family in all you do …and MAKE IT FUN.

Thank you ICO for allowing me the opportunity to deliver my message and best of luck to ALL 2009 graduates. The Future of Optometry is in Your Hands……GRAB HOLD!

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