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Board Certification Is The Topic

March 14, 2009

Folks there are several comments from readers on the topic of board certification. I apologize for not responding earlier, but travels have gotten in the way. Please be sure to read everyone’s posts and my replies and feel free to respond with your own comments.

I also encourage everyone to visit frequently for the latest Q & A’s on the process and the latest information on the proposed model.

The executive committee of the AOA had a very excellent meeting with state leaders last week at SECO and a lot of good ideas were raised that I believe will further improve the model that is being presented.

My hope is that NO STATE ASSOCIATION will tie the hands of their leaders that attend the AOA House of Delegates this year. Those in attendance at the House of Delegates will need the lattitude to hear all the arguments for and against and make an informed decision for the future of our profession.

Until next time…