Board Certification Model presented to state leaders » img_0241


  1. I am very excited about the Board Certification possibility for optometry. I feel (with my limited experience) that it is better to be proactive and plan for the future by implementing board certification than to remain the only doctorate level prescribing profession to lack one. I hope the AOA house of delegates adopts the measure in June! Good luck

  2. Louai – Thanks for your comments as the future of our profession. I am grateful for the leaders of the past that were visionaries and were bold enough to push our profession into medical eye care. As president of the AOA, my goal is to insure that our profession is able to fully participate in the new healthcare system that is emerging. I believe that the ability to demonstrate continued competence (which first requires board certification) will be necessary for FULL inclusion in the healthcare system that is around the corner. Read and watch the news almost daily!

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