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Optocrats Unite – Post November 4th

November 12, 2008

Congratulations to President-Elect Obama. Congratulations to the newly or re-elected US House and Senate members.

As an Optocrat, I’m thrilled that optometry’s grassroots network, the AOA Federal Keyperson Program, and AOA-PAC were more active and effective than ever before in this historic election.  We achieved an amazing 95% success rate on Election Day and directly helped to elect and re-elect 341 candidates to the U.S. Senate and House or Representatives, including our colleague, Rep. John Boozman of Arkansas.  

If only we could predict the stock market as well!

Clearly only 52% of the country voted for P-E Obama, which means that nearly half didn’t. However, he is going to be our president, and as a premier health care profession, optometry must work closely with the Obama administration and the new Congress to insure that the public has equal access to optometry for the full scope of care that we can provide AND with equal reimbursement for equal services.

Many of the winners last week will have campaign debts to satisfy. AOA PAC needs your help. Please visit and make a new OR additional investment in YOUR profession, so when our friends ask for financial assistance, we can deliver for optometry. Many Obama supporters visited his campaign website multiple times and contributed small amounts – AOA PAC will accept multiple investments throughout the year or you can set up an automatic monthly debit to your checking or credit card – EASY!

God Bless America on this Veteran’s Day!